Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach

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SGMA requires GSAs to consider the interests of many beneficial users and uses of groundwater, including overlying groundwater rights holders (both agricultural users and domestic well owners), municipal well owners, public water systems, local land use planning agencies, environmental users of groundwater, surface water users, the federal government, Native American tribes, and disadvantaged communities (DACs).

​Facilitation Support Services available

​​Sometimes GSAs need the help of professional facilitators to foster discussions among diverse water management interests and local agencies.  The Department of Water Resources offers facilitation support services to help GSAs work through challenging water management situations.  ​

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Stakeholder Communication and Engagement (Department of Water Resources) Examples and resources to engage stakeholders in Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) preparation.

Engagement with Tribal Governments (Department of Water Resources) Resources for GSAs  to engage California’s Tribal governments, including those on Tribal lands not subject to SGMA.

Outreach and Engagement - A Resource Management Strategy for the California Water Plan (Department of Water Resources and California Natural Resources Agency) Engagement tools for water agencies.

​Getting involved in groundwater: A guide to California's Groundwater Sustainability Plans (Community Water Center and UCS) This guide helps stakeholders get involved in developing a local groundwater sustainability plan​.

Collaborating for Success - Stakeholder Engagement for SGMA Implementation: (Community Water Center) Statutory requirements for stakeholder engagement in SGMA, including examples of best practices and collaborative management.

Stakeholder Inclusion (State Water Board) This fact sheet offers suggestions regarding stakeholder inclusion and procedural transparency by groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs).

Guide to Protecting Drinking Water Quality Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act,  (Community Water Center) A guide for ​community water decision makers ​interested in learning about best management practices for addressing drinking water concerns under SGMA.

Inclusive Public Engagement (Institute for Local Government) Resources for successful and inclusive public engagement.

Open and Public V - A Guide to The Ralph M Brown Act (League of California Cities) Explains the current provisions of California statutes and case law as of April 2016 and includes an annotated copy of the Brown Act.

Publications in Spanish

Documento Guia para el GSP - Comunicacion y Participacion de los Interesados, (DWR) Este documento guía ofrece a las agencias de Sostenibilidad del Agua Subterránea (GSA) información útil para la comunicación y participación de los interesados en la elaboración del Plan de Sostenibilidad del Agua Subterránea (GSP).

Participe en el manejo de su cuenca: Guía para entender los planes de sustentabilidad de aguas subterráneas de California, (CWC & Union of Concerned Scientists) ​This guide helps stakeholders get involved in developing a local groundwater sustainability plan​.

Ley de Gestion Sustentable del Agua Subterranea SGMA, (Department of Water Resources)

Los Usuarios de Pozos Domesticos y la SGMA (Department of Water Resources)

​Templates, outlines, and examples

Stakeholder Engagement Chart for Identifying GSP Audiences - (Department of Water Resources) A table of potential interests for GSA engagement activities.

Stakeholder Survey Template – (Department of Water Resources) Questions for understanding  stakeholder interests, issues, and challenges.

"Lay of the Land" Exercise Template – (Department of Water Resources) Strategy-building tool once stakeholder surveys are completed.[MOU1]

Communication and Engagement Plan Outline (Department of Water Resources) A sample communication and engagement plan for GSAs.

Community Groundwater Management Worksheet (Community Water Center) Helps stakeholders identify information relevant to SGMA implementation.

Some examples of stakeholder communication