WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: Developing a water budget

DWR’s draft water budget handbook provides step by step guidance and potential data sources for calculating a water budget – with or without models

With water availability being an important concern, water managers often use water budgets to quantify and manage water resources.  A water budget is an accounting of the rates of the inflows, outflows, and changes in water storage in a specific area; however, as simple as that might sound, developing an accurate water budget can be a difficult and challenging endeavor.

To address this problem, the Department of Water Resources has developed a water budget handbook, which is intended to demystify the process of developing a water budget by distilling the process down into specific steps, providing guidance as well as specific advice on how to determine a water budget, with or without the use of models.  In the spring of 2020, Department staff held a webinar to introduce water managers and interested stakeholders to the content in the water budget handbook.

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