UPCOMING EVENTS: SGMA Land Repurposing Program workshops; Fortifying water resilience; Sensitivity analysis to guide future data acquisition

Multibenefit Land Repurposing Program Stakeholder Workshops

The Department of Conservation will hold two workshops to hear what stakeholders would like to see in their upcoming Multi-benefit Land Repurposing Program.  These workshops are designed to give stakeholders the opportunity to provide input into the Department of Conservation’s proposed Multi-benefit Land Repurposing Program before program guidelines are developed.

Everyone is encouraged to attend all or a portion of a workshop, as time allows. A brief overview of proposed program components will be provided at the top of each hour during each workshop, with the remainder of the time available for discussion and questions.

WORKSHOP #1: November 30, 10am – 12pm.  Click here to register.
WORKSHOP #2: December 2, 5pm to 7pm.  Click here to register.

Water in a Warming World – Fortifying California’s Water Resilience

As climate change brings more extreme and variable weather, now is the time to work together to boost California’s water resilience. As we plan ahead for the next wet year, we must think holistically so we can replenish our aquifers – which provide 85% of Californians with a portion of their water supply – while being protective of water quality, providing healthy wildlife habitat, and ensuring our downstream communities are safe from flooding.

Join Sustainable Conservation on Monday, December 6th from 2:00 – 3:30 PM for the final webinar in our Water in a Warming World series, Fortifying California’s Water Resilience. Sustainable Conservation’s Director of Resource Stewardship and leader of our water team, Daniel Mountjoy, will sit down with a farmer that pioneered on-farm recharge, the Director of The Nature Conservancy’s California Water Program, and the Supervising Engineer at the California Department of Water Resources to discuss the best practices for groundwater recharge and the importance of taking a multi-benefit approach.

Click here to register.

Modeling under SGMA: Using sensitivity analyses to guide future data acquisition

Numerical groundwater flow models have played an integral role in the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) across the State.

These flow models provide a framework for characterizing the effect of water supplies, demands, and management strategies on a Basin’s ability to operate within its sustainable yield. Confidence in these models are conditioned on available monitoring data that constrain historical simulation results.

In Basins where this monitoring data is limited, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) are encouraged to identify methods of reducing data gaps and refining model predictions as part of their path towards achieving or maintaining Basin sustainability. Future projects, data collection, and model refinement can be facilitated through assessments of a numerical model’s sensitivity to specific processes and properties.

This talk presents an approach for using sensitivity analyses as a method of identifying data acquisition strategies that provide the greatest benefits during a GSA’s path towards sustainability.

December 15, 12pm to 1pm
Click here to register.

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