Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDEs)

Introduction to Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems & Sustainable Groundwater Management: (The Nature Conservancy) Guidance for including GDEs in Sustainable Groundwater Management

Including Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems in Groundwater Sustainability Plans (The Nature Conservancy) This guidance document provides a process for local agencies to identify and include GDEs as a beneficial use and user of groundwater.

Mapping Indicators of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (The Nature Conservancy) The first step to sustainably manage groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) is to identify where they are.

Best Practices for using the Natural Communities Dataset (The Nature Conservancy) The NC Dataset identifies vegetation and wetland features that are good indicators of a GDE. This document highlights six best practices for using local groundwater data to confirm whether mapped features in the NC dataset are supported by groundwater.

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Rooting Depth Database (The Nature Conservancy) Plant rooting depth information can provide a useful insight on what groundwater levels may be needed to sustain GDEs.

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Pulse Tool (The Nature Conservancy) GDE Pulse allows groundwater managers to assess changes in groundwater dependent ecosystem (GDE) health using satellite, rainfall, and groundwater data.