Coachella Valley – San Gorgonio Pass

Source: CA DWR

Coachella Valley – San Gorgonio Pass


  • Basin Name
  • Coachella Valley – San Gorgonio Pass
  • Basin Number
  • 7-021.04
  • SGMA Basin Priority
  • Medium
  • Critically Overdrafted
  • No
  • Hydrologic Region Name
  • Colorado River
  • Counties
  • Riverside


Located in California’s Colorado River hydrologic region, the Coachella Valley – San Gorgonio Pass is 38,545 acres in size. This Medium priority basin is home to an estimated 29,537 people (2010 value), which have been at a rate of 63.47.

Coachella Valley – San Gorgonio Pass is a(n) basin with approximately 70 wells, of which approximately 29 are water supply wells. Groundwater accounts for approximately 99.40 percent of the basin’s water supply.

Source: CA DWR
Source: CA DWR

Basin Notes

2003: Bulletin 118 basin description

2014: CASGEM prioritization – medium. Comment – basin is in overdraft.

2017: Scotus Blog – Coachella Valley Water District v. Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians

Supreme Court won’t hear California water agencies’ appeal in tribe’s groundwater case, Desert Sun

2018: Draft basin priority – medium. Comments – 1) CASGEM/WDL/GWIDS: Longterm hydrographs show groundwater level decline. Source: DWR 2) Annual Report also shows GW declines in majority of key well hydrographs. Source: Beaumont Basin Watermaster

Proposed partnership between Agua Caliente and MSWD could shake up desert water management

Artficial recharge investigation.

Storage agreement with the Beaumont Basin.

2018 final basin prioritization remains at medium priority.

GSA Information

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