Stormwater Capture

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The term stormwater is commonly used to refer to runoff in urban settings. Urban stormwater runoff has traditionally been seen as a nuisance to be flushed away through a network of drains.

However, the growing threat of water scarcity and the desire to increase local water supply is changing the way that we manage stormwater in California.

While stormwater capture is helping many urban centers in Southern California reduce their reliance on imported water, it involves a number of challenges, including developing funding for retrofit of stormwater systems, removing urban pollutants from the stormwater, developing adequate recharge facilities, and developing flood protection plans.

Reports and Publications

Soon, the Groundwater Exchange and the California Water Library will be fully integrated such that documents in the water library on stormwater capture will magically appear here.  In the meantime, you can view those documents by clicking here.