Recycled Water

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Increasing attention has been given in recent years to the use of reclaimed municipal wastewater for groundwater recharge. What may look like sewage to flush away to a lay person is, to the eyes of a resource manager, water to to treat and conserve. To make that wastewater fit for groundwater recharge, aggressive  treatment must take place. Otherwise recharged water could introduce contaminants in an aquifer much like that detected from time to time from leaking septic tanks. So, when considering recycling municipal wastewater for groundwater recharge, water treatment guidelines will be exacting, treated water quality will matter and rigorous guidelines will apply.

​Reports and Publications

​Soon, the Groundwater Exchange will be fully integrated with the California Water Library so that documents in the library related to recycled water will magically appear here.  In the meantime, you can view those documents by clicking here.