Upcoming groundwater events: A week of free SGMA webinars; SGMA Workshop: Lessons learned from Australia, EU; Flood-MAR forum

OCTOBER 18-21:  A Week of Webinars on Statewide Groundwater Management Efforts

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is hosting a week of webinars on statewide groundwater management efforts. More information about each webinar is included in the flyer to the right.

    • 2022 Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Submittal Workshop, Monday, October 18, 2021 from 10AM to 12:30PM, Click Here to Register
    • 2022 Alternative 5-year Update Submittal Workshop, Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 10AM to 12:00PM, Click Here to Register
    • Resources for Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Implementation, Wednesday, October 20, 2021 from 10AM to 11:30AM, Click Here to Register
    • Accessing Groundwater Data and Tools, Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 10AM to 12:00PM, Click Here to Register

 For questions about these webinar events, please contact us at: sgmps@water.ca.gov.

NOV 8-9: WORKSHOP: SGMA Implementation, Economic Issues, Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Comparison and Lessons Learned from European Union and Australia A California-European Union-Australia Workshop

Presented by UCI Water.  Click here for agenda.

Although the adoption of SGMA is considered as a positive development in the management of groundwater, its implementation is not always as effective as it should be, and gaps may exist between the law as it has been conceived and written and the reality of its implementation. Major issues of concern are inadequate legislation with possible governance gaps; budgetary constraints as some local government organizations may have difficulty in accommodating SGMA technical requirements; economic aspects as significant investments in adequate infrastructure development for groundwater management are needed, as well as technical advice and help with building organizational expertise; public participation with a more transparent approach and equitable water management; groundwater resilience, especially related to climate change; and conflict resolution between stakeholders.

A workshop will be held on-line on November 8 and 9, 2021, with the objective of checking the status of SGMA implementation and helping find practical answers to the major issues of concern. It will gather experts from the European Union and Australia during a day and a half to explore alternative solutions experienced in these countries and compare to the California situation. The European Union has adopted the 2000 Water Framework Directive and the 2006 Groundwater Directive whose implementations are facing similar problems as the implementation of California 2014 SGMA, while Australia, facing severe drought issues, has developed innovative methods to better managing its water resources and dealing with overdraft and overuse of groundwater, such as conjunctive use of ground and surface water, managed aquifer recharge, groundwater trading and banking, as well as economic instruments for the pricing of groundwater and its value.

The workshop, conducted as a Zoom meeting, is free of charge, and to register please send Last Name, First Name, Role/Title, Organization, Email (or phone) to DCirillo@ocwd.com with a copy to: jfried@uci.edu and ahutchinson@ocwd.com

Guidelines on how to join and use the Zoom facility will be sent to the registered participants a few days before the workshop.

NOV 8-10: 2021 Flood-MAR Virtual Public Forum: Exploring needs and opportunities to expand Flood-MAR implementation for multiple benefits

Join the Flood MAR team on November 8-10, 2021 for the 3rd Flood-MAR Public Forum to explore technical, socioeconomics, regulatory, and policy considerations to advance implementation of projects that use floodwaters for managed aquifer recharge (Flood-MAR).

The Forum is an opportunity to continue exploring key topics that were identified during the 2019 Flood-MAR forum:

  • Building partnerships and opportunities for collaboration
  • Increasing agency cooperation and alignment
  • Providing flexibility for water managers
  • Examples of pilot project and research studies
  • Sources of technical support and funding for landowners and local agencies

This 3-day virtual forum will provide opportunities to learn from experts and practitioners and to network and engage with other participants in breakout discussions. A virtual on-demand exhibit hall will feature posters and pre-recorded presentations to further enrich the forum experience.

The registration fee is $125 for this 3-day event. Anyone interested in learning about Flood-MAR and expanding Flood-MAR project implementation throughout California is encouraged to attend.

Click here to register.

Check out the Groundwater Exchange’s calendar for more groundwater events.
Email maven@mavensnotebook.com to submit your event.

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