Integrated Hydrologic Model Development and Evaluation for Non-Modelers

Dr. Douglas Tolley gives an explanatory presentation on integrated hydrologic modeling, including how models are coupled and key terms such as sensitivity analysis, model calibration, and uncertainty analysis

Douglas Tolley recently finished his PhD from UC Davis where his research focuses on the development, calibration, and prediction uncertainty of groundwater models.  In this presentation from the Groundwater Resource Association’s Western Groundwater Congress, Dr. Tolley focused on integrated hydrologic model development and evaluation from the standpoint of a non-modeler with the goal of providing the layperson with a fundamental understanding of what integrated hydrologic modeling is, as well as applications and processes involved with model development itself, such as sensitivity analysis, calibration, and uncertainty analysis.

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Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority PAC talks water modeling

“The Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority Policy Advisory Committee took a look at three water modeling scenarios currently being run for consideration by the groundwater authority and the Technical Advisory Committee on Thursday.

Specifically, the scenarios represent “straw man” hypothetical ways the GA could potentially meet the requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act to form a Groundwater Sustainability Plan and bring the IWV groundwater basin closer to sustainability. … ”

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